Ohio STS
Our Next Ohio STS
Saturday, Sep. 20 2014
10am - 4:30pm

NorthPointe Hotel & Conference Center
100 Green Meadows Drive South
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

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FIRST TIME ATTENDEES: Guests, who have not yet registered with Herbalife, and any Distributor attending their first event, may attend ALL DAY for FREE!!! (First Time Attendees will register at the event)

Ticket Pre-Sales Close at Noon the WEDNESDAY prior to the event!

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- Ohio STS Agenda -

9:00-9:45 am - SUPERVISOR SCHOOL (MUST QUALIFY TO ATTEND: 2,500 Volume Points and/or new Fully Qualified Supervisors since the last STS)

10:00-11:00am - Herbalife Opportunity Meeting

11:00am - 4:30 pm - STS Training

Please make sure to bring your notebook, a pen, and a Shaker Cup for tea!

Opportunity Meeting
2014 Ohio STS Dates

February 15th

March 15th - Drew Townsend, Millionaire Team

May 10th - Tim Hendricks, International Executive President's Team 15K

June 21st - Graeme Edwards, International Senior Executive President's Team 40K

August 16th

September 20th

November 15th

December TBD

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Guest Speakers for Our Next Ohio STS, SATURDAY, SEP. 20 2014
Event Info

View Brian McCartney Bio Brian McCartney
Millionaire Team 7500
Brian McCartney was an overweight football coach and high school teacher leading an unhealthy lifestyle. He and his wife, Erica, participated in a Weight Loss Challenge, where their Personal Wellness Coach introduced them to HerbalifeĀ® products. The couple first became Herbalife Independent Distributors to enjoy the products at a discount, although... view more

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Top Producers
Name Marketing Level New Mkt Level Since Last Month Volume
Mark & Julie Owens World Team No 10,899
Kim & Ken Blatt and Gibbs Get Team No 10,844
Bobbie Kuhns Get Team No 8,504
Mary & Jeff Nemecek World Team No 8,439
Kassandra Hertz World Team No 8,206
Shayna & Nick Fabrizio Presidents Team No 7,632
Kristal Barnett Get Team No 6,072
Courtney Hylton World Team No 5,744
Becky & Jim Fowler Get Team No 5,666
RYAN BAKER Millionaire Team No 5,464
Chris & Don Farus Millionaire Team No 5,243
Guenther and Deann Haeusser World Team No 5,164
Mike Lento Millionaire Team No 5,053
Ed & Chris Farson Get Team No 5,017
Anthony & Shawna Stephenson Get Team No 5,009
Shawna & Anthony Stephenson Get Team No 5,009
Bailey Swingle Get Team No 5,006
Steven Yarbrough World Team No 4,850
Tiffany Hillis World Team No 4,707
Amanda Glick World Team No 4,684
Jennifer Kavensky Get Team No 4,462
Matt Kirkwood Supervisor No 4,000
Megan Farus Get Team No 3,804
Lynnette Korns Supervisor No 3,686
Samantha Long World Team No 3,572
Amber Heiney Get Team No 3,562
Jose Arias World Team No 3,395
Kelli Heller World Team No 3,319
Megan Corcoran World Team No 3,260
Walter Miller World Team Yes (WT) 3,030
Natha Snarr Get Team No 3,000
Brandie Gruss World Team No 2,978
Melissa Hunter Slessman World Team No 2,916
Daniel Campbell World Team No 2,877
David Byers Get Team No 2,775
Kendra & Chester Kusmich Supervisor No 2,740
wade and dena milner Get Team Yes (GET) 2,691
Tina & Ben Juarez Get Team No 2,632
Lauren Fowler Supervisor No 2,615
Deyanira Montalban Supervisor No 2,600
Andrea Goodwin World Team Yes (WT) 2,592
Erika Flowers World Team No 2,591
Valerie Boateng World Team Yes (WT) 2,584
Laura Palmer Get Team No 2,570
Denise Yocum World Team No 2,554
Jeff Marconette Jr. World Team Yes (WT) 2,543
Collin White Supervisor No 2,517
Heather Byers World Team No 2,509
Stephanie Kreilick Supervisor No 2,507
Danielle Hollingsworth World Team No 2,504
Lilian & John Geoghegan World Team No 2,503
carie Forlow Supervisor Yes (QP) 1,841
jacqueline DeFriece Supervisor No 628

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