Ohio STS
Our Next Ohio STS
Saturday, May. 10 2014
10am - 4:30pm

NorthPointe Hotel & Conference Center
100 Green Meadows Drive South
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

FIRST TIME ATTENDEES: Guests, who have not yet registered with Herbalife, and any Distributor attending their first event, may attend ALL DAY for FREE!!! (First Time Attendees will register at the event)

Ticket Pre-Sales Close at Noon the WEDNESDAY prior to the event!



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- Ohio STS Agenda -

9:00am-9:45am ACTIVE SUPERVISOR School (MUST QUALIFY TO ATTEND: 2500 Volume Points in the month prior to the STS and all new Fully Qualified Supervisors since the prior STS)

10am-11am Herbalife Opportunity Meeting

11am - 4:30pm STS Training

Please make sure to bring your notebook, a pen, and a Shaker Cup for tea!

Opportunity Meeting
2014 Ohio STS Dates

February 15th

March 15th

May 10th

June 21st

August 16th

September 20th

November 15th

December TBD

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Guest Speakers for Our Next Ohio STS, SATURDAY, MAY. 10 2014
Event Info

View Tim Hendricks Bio Tim Hendricks
Executive President's Team 15K
Tim Hendricks Executive President’s Team Even though Tim Hendricks was serving his country as an active-duty member of the United States Marine Corps, he was barely earning enough to make ends meet. “I was fed up and frustrated,” Tim recalls. “I found myself working hard, giving 110% and still just getting by. I knew that there had to be a bett... view more

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Top Producers
Name Marketing Level New Mkt Level Since Last Month Volume
Mary and Jeff Nemecek World Team No 13,140
Jim & Becky Fowler Get Team No 11,313
RYAN BAKER Millionaire Team No 10,694
Michael and Dee Lento Get Team No 10,460
Shawna & Anthony Stephenson Get Team No 10,176
Rebecca Walker World Team Yes (WT) 10,051
Jennifer Kavensky Get Team No 10,036
Ed Farson Get Team No 10,009
Derrick and Stacey Rhodes World Team No 10,006
Chris & Don Farus Get Team No 10,005
Megan and Matt Farus Get Team No 9,299
Daniel Campbell World Team No 8,547
Kaleb Wiseman World Team Yes (AWT) 8,222
Bailey Swingle Get Team Yes (GET) 7,510
Austin Baker World Team No 7,016
Josh Winhoven Supervisor No 6,441
Jose Arias Supervisor No 6,370
Josie Hemmelgarn World Team No 6,227
Mackenzie Billington Supervisor No 6,094
Amber Heiney World Team No 5,979
Samantha Long Supervisor Yes (ACTIVE SUP) 5,647
Brandie & Jonathan Gruss World Team No 5,478
BROOKE FARNSWORTH Supervisor No 5,241
Megan Corcoran Supervisor No 5,222
Gloria Dawson World Team Yes (AWT) 5,146
denise youm World Team No 5,050
Megan Yocum World Team Yes (AWT) 5,010
Heather Byers Supervisor Yes (ACTIVE SUP) 5,008
Shel Patterson Supervisor Yes (ACTIVE SUP) 5,008
Jason Pennington Supervisor No 4,633
Garrett & Madigan Hylton World Team Yes (WT) 4,078
Laura Palmer Get Team No 3,381
Molly Wright World Team No 2,648
Amy Laws Supervisor No 2,530
Kelly Davis Supervisor No 2,522
Ed & Chris Farson Get Team No 1,009

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